Colorful Stripes Pattern Trend 2023

Stripes are an eye-catching and easy way to inject color into your look. The classic print with its many shades of white, black, and red is always a welcome sight on the runway. But this season, designers took stripes to the next level by introducing more colors to the mix. And it was worth it! From bright blue and red to earthy browns, deep greens and even muted purples, there’s something for everyone when it comes to choosing your stripes. Try experimenting with different textures too. Instead of opting for smooth stripes, go for a textured print that will add dimension to your look without compromising on comfort or style. For example, try pairing a smooth stripe suit with boots or even ankle boots for maximum impact. If you want to make your outfit more interesting, pair it with a blazer or jacket in another color like green or purple. Add some accessories like colorful bracelets or statement necklaces to complete your look.

We can’t get enough of this bold print on our wardrobes this summer. It’s time to channel your inner fashionista and give some edge to your one-of-a-kind stripes. In Rumacorak, we design Diamond Horizontal Rumacorak pattern that use magical diamond, emerald, and crystal into a bold stripes pattern. This luxury pattern ready on Patternbank (link below).



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