Blue Summer Song Color Story Trend 2023

The Pantone Color Institute has released its picks for trending colors for the fashion industry in 2023. The palette was inspired by the desire to try something new. While the colors in its central palette for the SS23 season aimed to encourage experimentation and individualistic expression, Pantone’s New Classics compilation stuck to “ultra-calm tints” that stuck closer to tranquility like blue summer song series. In contrast to many of the other’s colors within Pantone’s palette, Summer Song is a clean blue tone that feels so relaxing. The color trend will likely be popular among those with ties to fashion design or production, who tend to gravitate towards pastel tones as well as those who have a preference towards soft, muted hues and neutrals — think of those who have an affinity for earthy tones or blues when it comes down to choosing their style of clothing. Many brands used the color for long-line coats, which took shape in a range of materials from distressed denim to sleek leather-looking fabrics.

The feel of relaxing Summer Song tone can convey tranquility by complement it with Blue Perennial if you wish to create a monochromatic color scheme. With its clean lines and simple design, this shade is perfect for those looking for something fresh and modern-looking without being too heavy or dark. In Rumacorak, we design Flo Toile De Jouy Rumacorak pattern that use floral pattern with Summer Song tone. This calming pattern ready on Patternbank (link below).



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