Woodland Mushroom Pattern Trend 2022

The pattern trend on Spring fashion usually trending with florals, pastels, or maybe a tropical print here and there. But today’s fashion trend is different! Of course it is, because we talk about mushrooms print that give magical, aesthetic and vintage vibes. Not only that, but it also brings our childhood adventures in the woods, like the story of Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, and Fantasia. This mushroom print was sprouting everywhere! On Bella Hadid’s T-Shirts & Ashish, Rahul Mishra, Iris Van Herpen, and Daniel Del Core dresses. According to Refinery29, even famous designer brands like Alexander McQueen have been including mushroomy looks in their design.

In Rumacorak, we design these fungi with watercolor technique. Various type and color. Make this mushroom print looks more and more interesting! How can you not smile while wearing something covered in mushroom print? These prints will boost up our serotonin and became the new street-style trend!



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