Artistic Floral Pattern Trend AW 23/24

The beauty of any flower type is no doubt because of its shape, color, and uniqueness. We could find floral print here and there every year since 2010 especially for Spring/Summer. It seems unsurprising that this kind of pattern has been analyzed by The Patternbank Trend team in Paris this July and got predicted to be one of eight important patterns trend for Autumn/Winter in 2023/2024. One of floral pattern style in the next trend is Artistic floral which covers: Impressionist florals, rich blooms, vibrant flowers, wild countryside, artist canvas, and painted florals.

In Rumacorak, we paint and design Artistic floral themed with watercolor technique. We make blooms, wild, and so many type of flowers because floral is always a must-have pattern in years. The meaning of ‘artistic’ itself is something that have aesthetical value. So, yeah! Artistic floral pattern positively will be more unique, unlike the classic.


Source: (2022). Evolution of Floral Prints. (2022). Trend Report: Premiere Vision AW 23-24.