Earth Tone Trend 2022

When we hear about earthy tone, it means the color of earth and mud, the browns, yellows, reds, beige, whiskey, cinnamon, and olive green that fairly warm in tone. These colors also have their personality: Reliable, authentic, confidence, well-grounded, stable, and rational. The brown shade in this earth tones are timeless and can blend with any style or imagination, also compliments every skin tone of ours. This earthy tone never goes out of style and the best part is: It was predicted to be a trend on SS23 that focuses on a rich mix of global textile patterns from block prints and batiks to earthy inks and wax prints.

In Rumacorak, we create and design patterns with the tone of earth like beige, yellow, and mostly brown shades with watercolor technique. These earthy tones give us a new personality, warm, and authentic feels.



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