Rainbow: Multicolor Story Trend 2022

Rainbow: One of the most beautiful phenomenon in nature that has multicolor on it. It listed to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Every color has its own meanings, but overall, these colors represent enthusiasm, strength, energy, nature, peace, playfulness, and creativity. Bright colors recently come to be a trend on this season because of the dazzling and incandescently touch from menswear’s most influential designer like Valentino and Prada, who have nailed their colors to the mast with their SS22 collections. There’s also trend flash from Patternbank.com, that bring Rainbow color to be a trend on this SS22.

One of Rainbow: Multicolor trend in Rumacorak was originally designed with watercolor technique. It was a story of sea, island, sailor, and the nature with the touch of those joy-vibrant colors. Today, especially on this Covid pandemic, it was a time of a release, reconnection, and of unbridled joy, when dressing up in all the colors of the rainbow seemed like the appropriate thing to do.



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