Rumacorak Watercolor Art Production

Watercolor also known as aquarelle is a painting method using water based pigment solutions, is a translucent art medium. Watercolor is basically a colored pigment in a water-soluble binder. The paint dissolves when you add water allowing the pigment to spread with a brush.We use this method with watercolor paper to achieve the best results. Once the painting is done we scan and clean them up in preparation for pattern design layout. Rumacorak paints various watercolor styles from wet on wet to dry painting style. 

Watercolor is very different to acrylic, oil and gouache. Each of these different paint mediums require different techniques.

With watercolors, the colored pigments remain suspended in the water, until the water evaporates and dries. Water dries quickly, which often means the artist needs to make quick decisions. As a result some people find watercolors challenging.

Making good watercolor paint is a complex and delicate process. Each artwork is made through fast and quick decision because the water dries quickly. The artists in rumacorak pattern design studio is familiar with traditional watercolor painting and are passionate in producing watercolor artwork.