Welcome to Our Studio

Rumacorak is a graphic design studio specializing in illustrations for textile print and surface design. We design exclusive patterns with heart and passion. The source of our inspirations comes from anywhere from beautiful botanical wonders, majestic animals, illustrious cities to everyday items. Preserving culture and design through artwork is our drive.

We have been producing illustrious prints since 2015, building relationships through exclusive design for national and international brands. With a passionate and creative team that breathes fine art, rumacorak delivers unique concept for customers who loves producing high quality print with the creative artwork.

Our creative process starts with reference research from inspirational art and trends. The initial process key to develop understanding between the client and the artist.

The research is then discussed and developed into a inspo or a moodboard. The moodboard is a collection of reference, colors, guideline, tone that is then used as a fixed guideline reference to create the artwork. Style and technique is also referenced in the moodboard so the design outcome would be as clear as possible. With a clear reference and idea, our team then work passionately with technical skills that is needed for the artwork to be produced. Once the design process is finished, the artwork is then delivered.