Pastel Architecture Color Blocking Pattern Trend 2022

Abstract geometry that characterized by grids and the seemingly random placement of shapes, has become prominent in modern graphic print/pattern design. Architecture seems to be one of this type of art, because various shape of roof, door, or windows that built those houses is a part of geometric. When we talk about art, colors matter. One of big color trend is pastels. It makes sense to pair a softened palette with the abstract geometry. Furthermore, color blocking also become popular in the last few years, especially in fashion. It has been around for centuries, but it’s been popular in the fashion world for a lot less time. Patternbank teams has Abstract Geometric-themed trend flash in Fall 2022 called “Accidental Abstracts”, that focuses on color blocking architecture in a soft palette of sugar-coated pastels and geometric patterns.

Abstract can support a message or a subject on the design: make us stay educated and curious, apply thought to our approach and style. In Rumacorak, we design Red Houses Illustration pattern that has touch of architecture and abstract geometric with pastel tone, and this eyecatching pattern ready on patternbank (link below). With this combination of art and color, it will unsurprising to be the hottest trend of the year!


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