Geometric Patchworks Print/Pattern Trend 2023

Geometric patterns are a trend that will not get boring every year. If we buy any piece of clothing in this timeless style of the year, it’s surely known that the next year will be just as trendy as now. Geometric pattern like polyhedrons, triangles, and squares are the hottest shapes in skirts or dresses, and it can be used in modern way as well as in an interestingly designed retro or ethnic style. When associated with fashion, ethnic style implies a craft manufacturing and the use of noble and natural materials, in this case: prints & patterns. Unsurprisingly, Patternbank teams has Geometric and ethnic-themed trend flash in SS23 called “Contemporary Patchworks”, that expertly fused for a modern take on this time-honoured craft.

By choosing the ethnic-geometrical print on your clothes, you make the choice of the authenticity and the quality that never go out of the trend. In Rumacorak, we design Cross Triangle Ethnic pattern that has mix of traditional and geometrical shape, and this authentic pattern ready on patternbank (link below). Keep an eye out for sharp angles and small shapes, seen throughout all categories of fashion!


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