Fresh Vegetables Pattern Trend 2022

Fresh and healthy veggies give vitamin and fiber to our body, and now it covers us in fashion. These vegetables pattern already take a part in fashion trend from 2012. One of it was Dolce & Gabbana lines, including pomagranites, tomatoes, and eggplants print runway. In SS21, those veggies hit the trend again from JW Anderson’s latest menswear collection, in which the clothes are shown alongside an allotment’s worth of veggies: a harvest festival made fashion! Futhermore, brands from Dolce & Gabbana to Rixo have set catwalks against a backdrop of vegetable-laden market stalls. Other designer like Sandra Alexandra said veggies is one of pattern object that has so many shapes, colors, and varieties and it’s an endless source of inspiration. Unsurprisingly, Patternbank teams has vegetables-themed trend flash in 2022 called “Gardener’s Delight”, when the outdoors becomes a new haven, a place to escape to and create dramatic flowers and vegetables.

“Fruit and veg are a sign of life and are life-giving in that we need them to survive,” – Mair. In Rumacorak, we design Vegetable Bright pattern that has carrots, tomatoes, and other fibre-source in it. This fresh pattern ready on patternbank (link below). Mair also said that for many people today, the idea of wearing something that contain fibre is much more appealing than wearing something made from fibres derived from petroleum. So, let’s take our fibre and vitamins for our wardrobes!



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