Lace Pattern Trend 2023

Lace is an intricate patterned fabric that dates to the 15th century. It was originally used as a status symbol and glove linings but has evolved into a staple in fashion and lingerie. Fall 2022 print trend is all about fake lace with Trompe L’oeil prints, lacy borders, and overlayed lace silhouettes. This season, it was everywhere from bridal wear to babydolls and evening gowns. Lace was out in full force, with many designers favouring sweeping maxis with cool cutwork. The trend for lace has also evolved into a more modern take on the traditional look by incorporating metallic threads which creates a stunning effect. Baby blue lingerie-inspired pieces were showcased at Burberry’s belated London Fashion Week show whereas both Dior and Versace oozed gothic glamour. Lace is always stunningly romantic on its own or paired with other fabrics such as silk or velvet because they have an ethereal glow that looks amazing under any lighting situation. You can also use lace on its own for a more delicate look or layered over another fabric for added volume (like this lace dress).

Lace is perfect for any occasion; you can pair it with anything from dresses and skirts to jackets, formal to everyday looks. Rumacorak has lace design, and it was the newest pattern that mix sea creature and lace line. This pattern ready on Patternbank (link below).


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