Kintsugi Pattern Trend 2022

Kintsugi or ‘Golden Joinery’ is the Japanese art of restoring broken pattern to a new form, where patterns merge and fused with lines: That’s what make it looks aesthetic. In general, Kintsugi refer to a broken pottery that repaired with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. As a philosophy, it embraces to the flawed or imperfect: renew the old with enhancement. For SS22, Patternbank teams inspired us by the fragile ceramic patterns brought back to life in the art of Kintsugi. The mix of different prints fused together in a new and exciting ways.

In Rumacorak, we design Kintsugi pattern theme with watercolor technique. It was abstract floral that mixed Kintsugi pattern in it and this design ready to purchase on our Patternbank website. This pattern looks colorful but has aesthetic vibes and deep philosophy, make it a must-have pattern of the year!


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