Ethnic Bandana & Scarf Pattern Trend AW23-24

The Bandana: Commonly known as printed colors and patterns on square cotton fabric. Worn around the neck as scarf, wrist, head, or tied to handbags, bandana make a difference to our appearance. Today, those ethnic and unique pattern in bandanas move on to our shirt, t-shirt or even pants! We can wear this as everyday or even formal outfits. These print/patterns are unisex and can be worn during any season of the year. The Paisley pattern originally from Scotland is the most common pattern of it. In recent years, Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Gucci adopting this kind of pattern. Unsuprisingly, this Bandanas pattern predicted to be one of pattern trend in AW23-24, analyzed by Patternbank teams as “Bandana Revival” themed. The print/patterns include scarf and bandana prints, border plays, ethnic pattern framework, geometric borders and frames.

In Rumacorak, we design Bandana & Scarf pattern theme with watercolor technique. It was ethnic Turkish kutahya iznik assets pattern with major blue tones. As known that this pattern looks perfect for any-kind-outfits and can be worn in any seasons, we suggest that you should have at least one of it in your wardrobes. Besides, these Bandana pattern will also enhance your appearances!



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