Earth Landscape Pattern Trend SS24

The earth landscape pattern is a geometric motif inspired by the shapes of nature, such as mountains, forests, and valleys. This type of geometric motif is typically used to evoke feelings of calmness or peace within someone who sees it because of its naturalistic appearance. It can also remind people of their roots and where they come from. This pattern can be used for decorating clothes, home accessories, jewelry and more! This pattern also comes in various shades and colors including browns, oranges and greens which are great for this time of year since they are warm colors that will keep you warm during these cold months of winter!

Not only warm colors, but these patterns also match with sweet-pastels tone, dreamy one. In our studios, we design mountain landscapes that have Spring and Summer fun vibes, and it was "Dreamy Landscape Rumacorak" pattern. It's sure a great way to express yourself without saying anything at all! This fun pattern is ready on Patternbank (link below).


Source: (2023). Trend Report: Premiere Vision SS24 - Earthbound.