Seamless Subdued Tropical Pattern Trend 2022

Tropical print themes usually be the most important trend in Spring/Summer fashion all the time, but now, this pattern also hit Autumn/Winter fashion trend. Tropical theme variant subdued seamless tropical prints, that focuses on leaves like palm foliage is one of the trends in AW22 by analyzes of Patternbank teams in Trend Flash called “Subdued Tropic”. Subtle plants and flowers in a sophisticated color palette, allow to merge it with backgrounds that gave camouflage effect.

It's unsurprising that people are drawn to these tropical themed print/pattern that has beachy-aesthetics and vivid hues. In Rumacorak, we design this seamless tropical pattern called Leaf Tropical Rumacorak with mix of leaves and soft palette. This aesthetic pattern ready on patternbank (link below).



Ahire, L. (2022). Tropical Patterns: The Hottest Fashion Trend of The Season. (2022). Trend Flash: Subdued Tropic.