Mystic Celestial Print/Pattern Trend 2022

When we hear about Celestial, there must be a stars, moon, and planets. The Celestial trend in a fashion uses galaxies objects as its primary attraction. When it comes to Celestial trend clothing, we can find many things that can be used for casual occasions. It seems like designers have been out stargazing for their inspiration in fashion, mixing those stars and planets to be astrological prints for AW/SS as seen with Alexander McQueen, Valentino & Dior and now it became a trend in Fall 2022 too. Patternbank has Celestial-themed pattern as trend flash that draws on celestial magic and spirituality, from stars and planetary constellations to mystical signs and symbols.

Celestial print/pattern trend is a perfect way to express yourself, make our looks more stylish and trendier.  In Rumacorak, we design Crystal Celestial pattern that has galaxies object such moon and stars from crystal. This lunar-inspired pattern ready on Patternbank (link below).



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