Geometric Floral Vintage Pattern Trend 2022

Fashion is cyclical in nature: trends come and go, resurrect themselves from the past. It always revisiting the archives to reinvent the wheel for the seasons to come, fixating on one decade or period before moving on. The fashion trend of 1965 most likely to interest people is vintage clothing that recreate the look of ages past. Despite all the throwing out of the old ways and the stream of fresh new ideas, vintage clothing became a major trend in the middle of 1960, and seems to be the phrases of this season in 2022. Unsurprisingly, Patternbank team has Vintage-themed pattern as trend flash for SS22 trends that re-boots a 70’s archive of prints from graphic florals and paisleys to nostalgic bold geometrics.

Take a trip of time, revisiting the unapologetic days of loud prints and psychedelia makes vintage a key in Spring Summer fashion.  In Rumacorak, we design Geometry Rumacorak pattern that mix floral and geometrical shape with various color tone. This vintage-looks pattern ready on Patternbank (link below).



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