Circle Chic Pattern Autumn/Winter Trend 2024-2025

Autumn and winter of 2024-2025 will be a time for fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the intricate and visually captivating world of circular patterns. The circular pattern is one of the most prominent trends this season because it offers a warm feeling and provides a sense of comfort. This is why it’s so popular with graphic designers who are looking to create a cozy atmosphere in their designs. Whether you gravitate toward the harmonious overlapping spherical’s, the artistic flair of rounded smudges, or the depth of layered discs, there’s a circular pattern for every style and personality.

The circular pattern is not only popular because of its aesthetic appeal, but also because it can be used to create a variety of designs and styles. It can be used on its own as an accent or as a background pattern. Indulge in the spherical splendor of this season's fashion and allow your wardrobe to narrate a tale of creativity, unity, and elegance with the enchanting 'Artsy Dots Rumacorak' pattern, exclusively from Patternbank (link below)!


Source: (2023). Trend Report - Première Vision AW 24-25.