Blossom Zest Pattern Trend

In the upcoming year of 2024, the Blossom Zest pattern trend is set to captivate fashion enthusiasts with its refreshing blend of vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and an invigorating zest for life. This trend brings together the essence of blooming flowers, scents of all the wonderful floral, flavor of the most stand out and inspirational parts to the Chelsea Flower Show in London in 2023 from Patternbank Trend Flash. The mesmerizing Benton Irises steals the show, their elegant blooms commanding attention with their captivating presence. While these irises stand tall as a symbol of grace and beauty, the landscape also celebrates the resilience of drought-resistant plants, the allure of edible delights, and the delicate charm of buttercups. Tricolor florals also reign supreme, evoking a sense of serenity and natural elegance. Prepare to be mesmerized by a lively palette of colors that will bring the Blossom Zest pattern trend to life. From zesty yellows and tangy to vibrant pinks and luscious greens, this trend embraces a kaleidoscope of hues that exude energy and vitality. The combination of these bold and refreshing colors creates a visual feast that is sure to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Blossom Zest pattern trend embodies a zestful spirit that encourages you to embrace life with enthusiasm and joy. In our studio, we have designed our finest floral pattern that has been highlighted from patternbank “Floral Spice” trends! One of it was “Flower Season Rumacorak" pattern with tricolor blossom on green! This pattern is ready on Patternbank (link below).


Source: (2023). Trend Flash: Floral Spice.