2022 Color Trend “Radiant Yellow Color Story”

All the sunflower, bananas, and lemons over the world scream one thing: Yellow. Just like another color like red, yellow is the one that can be easily spotted and has psychological meaning, especially for fashion. Yellow clothing represent joy, happiness, positivity, cheerfulness, honor, enthusiasm, and confidence depends on tone and shade of it. Color specialist, Chris Brazel, said wearing yellow color can help boost self-esteem and improve low moods. In 2015, Hollywood stars chose the striking color like yellow to grace the red carpet at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, and now this color became a trend again on this Spring/Summer 2022. Why? Because yellow color brings a digital twist to palettes with its hyper-natural and vivid saturation, also expected to work well for swimwear, activewear, and outdoor apparel.

One way to be adventurous with your “joy” yellow-color fashion is to combine color palette with various patterns or mix it with other color. One of it in our studio design, Rumacorak, comes with geometrical pattern and mixed color of red-yellow that make this pattern looks brave and powerful. This color surely brighten up your fashion persona with combination of two strong color and geometrical pattern in 2022!



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