Scenic Landscape Pattern Trend 2024

In the wake of the post-war landscape, fashion designers have been exploring the outdoors with a new idea of beauty. The landscape has been used as a motif for fashion since the beginning of time. The Greeks used it to show their disdain for commoners, and we still see it in modern fashion today. In the past decade, however, there has been an interesting shift in how designers use the landscape pattern on their clothes. The latest trend of using landscapes as a part of a collection comes from Paco Rabanne, Coperni, and Stella McCartney. The visual illusions and landscapes looked as though they were hand-painted and made us want to escape to a picturesque destination for the winter (Vogue, 2023). The landscapes are a perfect metaphor for what we need in this moment: a break from the norm.

We want something new and different. To find it, we need to step outside our comfort zone. The landscape can be literal or figurative — it doesn't matter. What matters is that you take a step away from what's expected of you and try something new! Embrace the cadence of the 2024 pattern trend and allow your closet to revel in the exuberance of existence with our exquisite 'Greenland' pattern from Rumacorak. This invigorating landscape-inspired pattern, imbued with shades of lush green, is now available on Patternbank (link below).


Source: (2023). Fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2023-2024: Tartan, black and white, a dose of the 50s era, and the return of skirts layered on pants.