Heirloom Floral Pattern Trend 2022

On this spring/summer 2022, it seems unsurprising that florals have taken pole-position as the must-have pattern with 1480 looks and a steady 17% yearly growth rate across the latest fashion week. Though the evidence of floral design dates back as early as 2,800 B.C., early Egyptians used flowers much differently than we do today. Greeks and Romans incorporated floral design into various ceremonies, celebration, and continued to influence many floral designers. After the Renaissance, flower patterns begin to evolve a lot. Heirloom floral comes as one of many patterns trend from spring/summer 2022 catwalk print and pattern trend report. The means of “Heirloom” itself was a varieties that have been passed down from the gardener to another many generations and the luxurious recombination arrangement of it make Heirloom floral as a fashion beauty pattern.

Heirloom floral trend in Rumacorak were designed with recombination of flowers arranged by color, such as watercolor stylish floral #005 and blue watercolor floral pattern on our catalog. This beauty pattern would be perfect for your outfits on this spring even summer. Overall, ideas of hope and bloom, which are essentially embedded in flowers, make Heirloom floral as one of must-have patterns in 2022.




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